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Upload Limit increased to 50MB

We are excited to announce that we have increased the upload limit for our site. Whereas previously our customers have been limited to 20MB uploads, they will now be able to upload files up to 50MB in size. If you have previously found that you have to use separate platforms for uploading larger files, this new update is for you as it will allow you to keep your scans all in one place.

In addition to this, jaw scan file uploads can now be a maximum of 150MB combined, allowing 50MB per each arch and the bite scan, which has been implemented to make our customers’ lives easier. As technology develops, scan files become higher quality, which is great for assisting dentistry, but it also means that STL files become much larger in data size. Our new file limits will combat this problem and ensure that fantastic industry developments do not hinder the ability of our professionals to continue to work efficiently.

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