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Full Contour Designs for Dental CAD CAM

3,200.00 AMD

3Shape Design Services

If you haven't tried our design services, now is the time to try! Your design will be re-uploaded the next business day.

Designs Types Available

  • Coping: 0.6mm Coping Shell 
  • Anatomical Coping: Proper Support for Porcelain 
  • Zirconia Lingual: Cutback Crown with Full Zirconia on Lingual. Ready for Porcelain build on buccal. 
  • Full Solid: Full Crown Design ready for stain and glaze. 
  • Night Guards

File Delivery Instructions 

Uploading Zip

  1. Archive all scans (Upper, Lower, Bite) into one Zip File. 
  2. Upload the Zip 

File Upload Max Limit: 25MB
If your upload is greater than 25MB, try uploading scan STL Files individually


Uploading Scan STL Files Individually 

  1. Upload each Scan STL file into its appropriate upload form

File Upload Max Limit: 25MB
If one or all of your scans is greater than 25MB, you may need to reduce the triangles in your scan. There are multiple free CAD Software that allows you to do this. 

Uploading Files with Dropbox

  1. Create a Folder with "Your Company Name - Aliens"
  2. Share it with "info@alienmilling.com"
  3. Export your Scan STL Files to this folder
  4. Complete a prescription for each case
  5. Select "Dropox" for file delivery method


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Wayne S.
South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product

Crown design teeth 8 and 9

The contact was too tight. The crowns didn't seat. I had to ease the contact between 8 and 9 alot. Thank you

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Ask a Question
  • What kind of system do you prefer? Exocad or 3 Shape? What are your charges for design for each?

    We prefer using 3Shape Dental System. Our Prices for Designs can be located on this page.


  • Do you have bridge milling available?

    Yes We do. No Up Charge for Bridges :)

  • Good morning. I have a few questions about your services. I have a case I'm working on, 9 units over 4 implants. The plan is for 2 bridges. I have already placed the implanys and they are ready to restore. I haven't chosen the implant abutments yet. I want to choose the abutments based on the prosthetic design. What is the best workflow in this case? I am using Dentis implants. Dentisusa.com I would like to use the stock abutments if possible.

    You would need to place the Stock Abutments in the model. 
    Then you would place an order for "Implant Crowns" 
    Inside the Prescription you would select "Ship Models" (This is our fee for Scan and Design)
    You would then pack your models, and ship them to us. 

  • Do you have a manufacturing DME that I can download for 3shape?

    Not at the moment. 
    The only critical information customers need to update is the "Tool Radius" to 0.65mm. 

  • how much charge for milling solid crown and print model , send design ready for crown and model ? thank you

    Our Prices are listed all over the site for milling services. At the moment, we don't offer model printing service. 

  • I need a phone number

    You car reach us at 1-844-ZIRCONIA 
    or if you are calling from abraod +1-909-562-0069

  • Where are you located and are these for people

    We are located in Rialto, California. Yes These teeth are for Humans. 

  • Can you do a snap on smile type of restoration on missing single tooth #5? It will be 3 units (3-6 extracted premolar). What is the cost to design and/or design and mill? Also shipping cost to Hawaii?

    This will be more like a Zirlux Acetal Partial.
    We do not offer design services yet, but will do in the future. 

    Shipping information can be found here 

  • what is the process for getting a snap on smile milled.. we have the design

    Enter a Case ID
    Select a shade
    Click on "Upload STL" 
    and upload your STL File. 

    Add it to Cart, and checkout.

  • Do you design thimble bars ?

    Yes we do, but only with a milling service.

  • I have an iTero and use implant direct implants/scan bodies. What do I need to do to get a custom abutment and crown as well as design approval?

    Hi There, 

    We only work with NT Trading Scan Bodies as of 2-7-2022. 
    Please subscribe to our newsletter, as we announce new workflows.

  • Do you provide printed or milled models?

    Not as of 12-22-21. Stay tuned..

  • I have Planmeca mills can you work with them plan as and emerald s scanner

    We do not integrate with Planmeca's software. 
    You can, however, download your STL Scans, and re-upload them individually on our site.

  • If I give you access to my computer via team viewer or otherwise ,would you do my designs once I indicate the margins for crowns, bridges etc....?

    No we can not do this.

  • i Have a case to send but file is to large can i send it by wetransfer?

    Hi there, 

    No do not use We Transfer. 
    Please use dropbox instead. 
    You can find more information when you select "Upload Jaw Scans - Design Service" on the prescription.

  • I use cerec and have a mil . For a design service that you provide could I send you my stl file and you design the smile and then send the stl file back to me and I could mil out the units? I practice alone and I’m very new to digital scanning. Dr Chris Neilson.

    Yes this is exactly what this product delivers.

  • Do you do digital diagnostic wawups?

    Yes you would select Full Crown Design, and please specify it will be a waxup in the specific instructions. 

    Thank you

  • I have a sirona mill. What format do you export to me for milling after the design? Can you send me the model file to 3d print myself?

    We export STL Files. 
    As of 10-26-2020 We do not offer model design.

  • Do you design custom zirconia abutments?

    We do, but not as a stand alone design. 
    It would need to accompany a milling service. 

  • do i have to send a bite for a bruxir splint? im exporting from sirona and its only exporting upper lower

    It comes down to the geolocation of the objects in the 3D World. 
    If the coordinates are aligned, you do not need a bite.
    A great free tool is Blender.
    You can import your scans, to see if the objects are properly occluded. 
    If they are, then we won't have an issue with the bite. 
    If it is not, then you would need a bite scan, so we can properly align it.

  • hi please can I send scan STL file of the plaster impression to get the 3D printer STL file to print the teeth model? best wishes

    As of 5-19-2020 We do not offer printing services for models.

  • how much do you charge to design and mill a crown

    Designs are $10 per crown. Milling is based on the brand of Crown you choose.

  • i recently purchased a shining 3d desktop scanner and i am interesting in using your company for design and milling services. i didn’t see it mentioned specifically but i would like to know if i can scan the triple tray and send to alien milling for design and fabrication. thank you

    Please call our staff at 909-562-0069
    We will guide you through the process of uploading Scan files for Design and Milling. 

  • I am using Dental Wings 3 series scan is that acceptable for .stl data to submit?

    Yes it is 

  • Can I use the design service to design both the implant abutment and the crown?

    As of 9-25-18 We only offer abutment designs, when you bundle it with abutment milling service. 

  • Do you accept stl files from Dental Wings scanners

    Yes we do  

  • are your design services for only single unit crowns? you don't have design services for full arch bars or zirconia?

    Our design services are currenlty limited to Crowns and Bridges. 
    We do not offer design services for Full arch bars. 

  • Can you design a custom abutment and the corresponding crown? Specifically, I have a case using Keystone Genesis Active implants that I need to scan. Thanks for your help.

    Yes we can

    You would need to fill a Keystone Custom Abutment product
    and then fill an Implant Crown product

  • Hi there. Can you design biteplates/ nightguards for me that I can print with keysplint hard or soft?

    We have updated our Design Services to now support Night Guard Designs

  • I am a Cerec user. What is the most efficient way to send you a Cerec scan to have a restoration designed and produced?

    You can export the STL file of the Jaw Scans + Bite. 
    On our prescription you will see an "Upload Jaw Scans - Design Service" field. 
    You can then upload the Jaw Scans individually. 

  • Can you design & print implant models with for a implant milled abutment & crown? From stl files. Which dental design do you use... 3Shape?

    We do not offer model design or print as of 04/17/2024

  • Hello. My name is Anastasia I am dental technician. I am interested to try your design and have some questions. 1. Would you explain me please maybe with some examples what does it mean "Virtual Prepping"? 2. Do I have opportunity to see designed crowns on digital model, some our Doctors wish to see design sending them by photos (like a printscreens of crowns from different points of view, expecially for implant crowns about emergensy profile) 3. If I order design of fullmouth restoration, veneers crowns and have some additional things like: photos of patient with eyes and smile, intraoral scan of temporary crowns which patient likes and want to have copy of this shape. Do you accept this additional info and how can i send it to you? 4. If I send to my Doctors photos of design and they want to make some corrections, Will it be possible to make them before sending me final STL files ? Thank you With best wishes, Anastasia

    1. Virtual Prepping: The term refers to the process of preparing teeth in a virtual environment or digitally within the design software. The doctor will need to replicate the same preparations in the actual procedure.

    2. Viewing Designed Crowns on Digital Model: Yes, it is possible to view designed crowns on a digital model and share these designs with doctors through photos, including different viewpoints for implant crowns focusing on the emergency profile. However, it is important for her to specify this request in the specific instructions.

    3. Incorporating Additional Information for Design: Yes, additional information like patient photos showing eyes and smile, and intraoral scans of temporary crowns the patient likes, can be directly uploaded on the script. This helps in tailoring the design to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs.

    4. Making Corrections Based on Feedback: Yes, it is possible to make corrections to the design based on her doctors' feedback before finalizing and sending the STL files. This ensures that any modifications or improvements can be incorporated to meet the precise requirements of the case.

  • I have an upper arch with 7 Nobel NP implants healed. Taking final impression next with custom tray. Going to use current denture for bite, VDO, etc. I want to have a Harvest Tri-lor framework milled for the permanent framework. (Then likely multilayered zirconium crowns for the teeth.) What do you guys need for design and milling? Obviously the opposing, denture and bite. But how do you want the working model? Final model already poured? Just impression? Mounted on an articulator? I have an Omnicam and a Shining desktop scanner so I could generate virtual models but I believe working with a stone model might be easier for me to learn the workflow. Maybe both? Just whatever makes your job easier and saves me the most money, as the case was done for a minimal fee to help a family friend. Thanks! If we nail this and keep the costs down, expect MANY more of these cases as I do at least 1 surgery/week for full arch fixed implant restorations.

    We do not design framework bars. We mill from your design file. 

  • Do you design inlays & onlays

    Yes. Please Select Full Crown design service, and specify in the instructions it will need to be an inlay/onlay.

  • Hello, we are a full service dental lab looking at design options. With outsourcing getting more and more popular we are considering outsourcing as an option. I would like some info on your design work and costs for digital full arch Hybrid cases to full anatomical crowns. looking forward to hearing from you. Root Dental Laboratory Bradley Nordmeyer

    Hi There 

    We do not offer Full Arch as a design service only, we would like to ensure the mill quality. 
    For that you can upload your Jaw Scans to any one of our Full Arch Products, and we can design and mill.

    For Full Anatomical Crown Designs, you can customize the prescription on this page to find the current design price. 

    Thank you

  • I have a dental 3d printer. Can you design custom trays for me to print here, and dentures too? Thanks.

    We do not design Custom Trays (as of 2-1-23). For Dentures, you will need to order a digital denture for fabrication, in order to get an STL file. You will need to request the STL file, in the specific instructions.

  • I want to know what is available as a service of designing only without CAMing, and their price list please

    The prescription offers design services for Coping, Anatomical Coping, Zirconia Lingual, or Full Solid. 
    The price is determined on those selections.