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Alien Extreme is now available in BL2 Shade

We are excited to announce that a new shade of Alien Extreme Zirconia is now available – shade BL2.


As you would expect from an Alien Milling Technologies products, the new BL2 shade continues to offer 49% translucency and incredible strength, producing the most impressive combination available on the market today. Our BL2 shade follows the success of our range of classics, including our BL1 product and remains compatible with Weiland, VHF, Roland, and most open CAD CAM Milling Machines. As ever, Alien Zirconia Disks are softer in the green state, than generic zirconia, which extends the life of your spindle and tools. 

As the Hollywood smile continues its reign of popularity among clients, those looking for a whiter result will not be disappointed with the BL2 shade – with its bleach tone it leaves teeth gleaming white. With so many products currently available on the market that don’t quite make the cut when it comes to putting the glamour into a Hollywood smile, with our BL2 shade, you’ll be able to reassure your clients that they are receiving the absolute best.

Our BL2 shade comes in two variants, depending on your needs. If you in possession of milling equipment, you can purchase the Zirconia blocks to mill from, or for those who do not have access to a milling machine, a milling service is also available to buy.

Please do keep a look out for a further announcement towards the end of 2019. We are currently working on introducing a BL3 shade to our collection of products to continue to deliver our customers with the best dental restoration experience. We do hope that you like our new BL2 shade and continue to offer your clients the best option for cosmetic restorations by choosing Alien Milling Technologies.

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