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Zirlux Acetal

Zirlux Acetal Night Guard Bite Splint

66,600.00 AMD

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  • Hello! Between BEGO and Zirlux night guard, which one is better for patients who were allergic to the traditional "salt-and-pepper" acrylic night guards? Which one can be milled to a flat occlusal finish? Which one is more comfortable for the patient who has a very sensitive mouth? Thank you!

    Hi There, 

    Please take a look at each material's composition, to see which one may be better suitable for the patient.
    Bego PMMA Splint E 


    Both can be designed and milled to your specifications. 

    The BEGO PMMA E Splint is a thermoformic material, that fits and contours in the mouth better, with the mouth's natural heat.