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Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent™ Ivotion™ Digital Premium Denture

117,800.00 AMD

Ivotion Denture System

The Ivotion Denture System comprises a complete digital manufacturing process which allows you to create top-quality removable dentures.
The integrated workflow involves digital laboratory fabrication methods and established clinical treatment steps.
The new monolithic Ivotion disc, which is at the core of this system, features both tooth and denture base materials.


  • Individual complete dentures (upper or lower jaw)
  • Complete dentures (upper and lower jaw)
  • Duplicate complete dentures (upper and lower jaw)
  • Immediate complete dentures (upper and lower jaw)
  • Overdentures on two attachments (upper and lower jaw)











Monolithic Ivotion

The new Ivotion disc allows you to fabricate monolithic removable dentures by means of an efficient digital workflow. Complete dentures are milled from one disc in one uninterrupted process, reducing the need for manual work: This is in accordance with the product slogan of “one disc, one milling process, one denture”.


  • Proven, high-quality PMMA tooth and denture base materials
  • Only a few manual work steps: the milled denture merely requires polishing
  • Data-based, three-dimensional tooth and dental arch structure within the disc

Ivotion Gum Shades 

Preference Pink V US-D

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Ask a Question
  • If you are using intra oral scanner, how do you measure vertical dimension of occlusion and vertical dimension of rest for proper bite?

    The best way is to scan a pre-op with the patient's existing teeth, or temporary. Get as much of gingival data as possible, since this will be used for alignment. 
    Thank you

  • I see the price listed for this digital denture listed at $299. Is that per arch or as an upper and lower

    This is per arch

  • I have a medit scanner with the denture scan function. Can I scan a relined existing denture and send that file to you for processing or do I need the Ivoclar DME file to send?

    You will need the Ivoclar DME

  • How does this work please explain the process.

    Hi Tina, 

    You will need the Denture Module, and the Ivoclar DME Files to able to produce the Ivotion Denture. 
    If you do have the denture module, please contact your 3Shape Reseller. 
    If you do not have the Ivotion DME, please contact your Ivoclar Rep. 

    Once both are installed, you can design an Ivotion Denture. 
    The restoration file output, will be a CAM5ZIP 
    You can upload this file on our site, so we can mill your Ivotion Denture. 

    Thank you

  • I am interested in doing a digital denture case with you. PM7, can you please direct me to your workflow protocols. I've worked with AVADENT and currently produce conventional dentures. Looking forward to collaborating.

    Hi Rj, 

    You will need to call Ivoclar, and request the Ivotion DME. 
    Once installed, you can design your Ivotion Denture, and upload your CAM5Zip file on this site. 

    Thank you

  • I have a research project with milled and 3D printed bars assessing denture fit. It is a bar on a master model. Could I scan the bar and surrounding soft tissue for a denture and submit it for the Ivoclar Vivadent™ Ivotion™ Digital Premium Denture? There is no concern for occlusion in this in vitro investigation.

    As of 10-19-2020 We do not offer Design Service for the Ivotion. 
    The case would need to designed using the Ivotion DME for us to mill.

  • Hi Looking for supplier of ivoclar in United Arab of Emirates

    We can offer milled services for Ivoclar Products, but if you are looking to buy ivoclar products directly, please contact ivoclar.

  • I am wanting a titanium implant bar for hader clips. I use neodent gm implants. Can I send you an implant level Medit scan for you to design and mill? Do we need a verification jig?

    Hi There, 

    We would need an abutment level scan body scan to create a titanium bar.
    Verification jig will help to know if your scan is properly stitched.

  • How long does the Dentures last And do they break

    Dentures typically last 2-3 years with proper care.

  • I have existed upper and lower denture scanned files (STL). Are you able to duplicate?

    We would need the Jaw Scans as well as the Denture Scans, all in alignment for us to duplicate. 
    Once you have the Jaw Scans, you can select "Upload Jaw Scans - Design Service" on the prescription. 
    You can then upload them all as a Zipped file.