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Full Arch Hybrid Shade Sample

47,300.00 AMD

Alien Full Arch Shade Sample

In the world of dental prosthetics, precision and aesthetics are paramount. Every dental professional strives to achieve the perfect shade match for their patients' restorations, whether it's a single tooth or a full arch. Alien Milling is revolutionizing the way dentists and technicians approach shade selection with their groundbreaking Full Arch Shade Samples.

Traditionally, achieving an accurate shade match for a full arch restoration has been a complex and often expensive process. Alien Milling is changing the game by offering an innovative solution that provides remarkable accuracy at an affordable price point. These Full Arch Shade Samples offer a unique approach to shade selection that promises to simplify the restoration process while maintaining exceptional aesthetics.

What Sets Alien Milling's Full Arch Shade Samples Apart?

The hallmark of Alien Milling's Full Arch Shade Samples is their focus on providing a true representation of the final restoration's shade, all within a compact 6 anterior units configuration. This means that despite being a smaller portion of the full span, the shade representation remains faithful to the overall appearance, allowing dental professionals to confidently make shade decisions for their patients.

Available in a range of popular brands including Alien HT, Alien Multi-Layer, and Alien Extreme, these samples showcase Alien Milling's commitment to offering versatility and choice to its clients. Dental professionals can choose from various finishing options, tailored to their specific needs:

  1. Teeth Only Glaze: For those who prioritize a polished and natural appearance of the teeth.

  2. Teeth and Pink Gingival Stain: Perfect for achieving a harmonious blend between the restoration and the surrounding gum tissue.

  3. No Finishing: An option for those who prefer a raw and unaltered representation of the restoration's shade.

Advantages of Alien Milling's Full Arch Shade Samples:

  1. Affordability: Alien Milling's Full Arch Shade Samples offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional full arch shade selection methods, ensuring that high-quality restorations are accessible to a broader range of patients.

  2. Accuracy: By focusing on the anterior units, which play a pivotal role in the overall appearance of a smile, Alien Milling ensures that the shade representation remains consistent and accurate.

  3. Streamlined Process: The compact size of the Full Arch Shade Samples simplifies the shade selection process, allowing dental professionals to make quicker decisions without sacrificing precision.

  4. Customization: With various finishing options available, dental professionals can tailor the shade samples to match their patients' unique needs and preferences.

In Conclusion: Elevating Shade Selection to New Heights

Alien Milling's Full Arch Shade Samples mark a significant advancement in the world of dental restorations. By offering a cost-effective, accurate, and customizable solution for shade selection, Alien Milling empowers dental professionals to create stunning restorations that seamlessly blend with their patients' natural dentition.

As the dental industry continues to evolve, innovative solutions like Alien Milling's Full Arch Shade Samples demonstrate the power of combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to enhancing patient care and satisfaction. With Alien Milling's dedication to excellence, the future of dental restorations looks brighter than ever before.


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