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BEGO™ Chrome Cobalt Implant Bar

406,200.00 AMD

Standard vs High Definition

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BEGO™ Chrome Cobalt Implant Bar milled from your design, or let Alien Milling design it. 

We Offer the following designs 

  • Ellipse
  • Rectangle
  • Dolder
  • Hader
  • Thimble

We only mill Bars with Multi-Unit (Non-Engaging) platforms. 

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  • Do you support Dentsply Xive Friadent implants and multiunit for full arch bars and prosthetics?

    Yes we do 
    It is called the "T-Series" in the NT Trading Library. 

    Thank you

  • do you make Ti thimble bars for full arch cases? $300??

    Yes we do. 
    If you want High Definition, it only costs $300 more.

  • I saw you do chrome implant bars. Are these designed for porcelain application? If so do you have a sheet on CTE for porcelain application. Also is this something you can design from my scan? Thanks oh saw the answer to my first ?

    They are approved for Metal Ceramics. 
    For more information please visit the Bego M-CO Offical site. 
    As of 11-10-2021 we do not offer design services for bars. 
    Please subscribe to our newsletter below, for updates. 
    Thank you

  • Do these bars have the connection milled into the bar or do you need to use ti-bases with these bars

    As long as the bars are Non-Engaging we can mill them. 
    We do not mill interfaces.

  • Is this $599 per implant? per tooth? or per arch?

    Per Arch regardless of the number of implants.

  • is this Bego chrome cobalt bar for firing porcelain directly on to?


  • If I design a bar similar in style to the one you offer/advertise for the "Alien Implant Titanium Bar" using a direct to Multi Unit Abutment connection, can I send you the .stl and you would mill it? Is that the $1,032.00 bar, or would that be a different price?

    It will be $1032. 
    Chrome Cobalt is milled almost 3x slower than Titanium.

  • is this better than a titanium milled bar for an all on x case?

    We prefer Titanium.