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Composite Tools

20,900.00 AMD

Selecting the right tool

4 Axis Machines
Length Diameter  SKU
35mm 2.00 mm C200-R2-35
35mm 1.00 mm  C100-R2-35
5 Axis Machines 
Length Diameter  SKU
40mm 2.00 mm  C200-R2-40
40mm 1.00 mm  C100-R2-40

Made in Germany

All dental milling cutters are manufactured by vhf on modern six- and seven-axis precision grinding centers.

Dental milling cutters from vhf are made from a superfine grain carbide mixture from German production. It is characterized by high edge strength and outstanding wear resistance – further improving workpiece quality and service life.


Radius cutters

The dental radius cutter has a semicircular rounded tip. It is available with cutting-edge diameters of 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm. While the 2.0 mm tool is mainly used for efficient roughing, tools with a small diameter of 0.3 or 0.6 mm are mainly used for finely finishing or carving out fissures. Due to the especially long free grinding of these tools, undercuts can also be reached easily.

Depending on their field of application, the radius cutters have one to four cutting edges: for PMMA and wax, there are, for instance, extremely sharp single-tooth cutters available with a very low tendency to clog. On the other hand, the 2 mm cutters for the abrasive zirconia have three cutting edges and the CoCr cutters even have four in order to reduce the wear for each cutting edge and to ensure greater process reliability.

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