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Alien Implant Titanium Bar

157,100.00 AMD

The ultimate solution for dental implant restorations. This top-of-the-line implant bar is crafted with precision and care using high-quality Medical Grade Titanium 5, ensuring superior durability and long-lasting performance.

Designed to fit over standard MUA, the Alien Implant Titanium Bar is versatile and adaptable, making it the ideal choice for dental professionals who require a reliable and customizable solution for their implant restoration needs.

Thanks to its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, the Alien Implant Titanium Bar is capable of supporting multiple dental prosthetics, including dentures, bridges, and overdentures, providing patients with a comfortable and secure fit that improves
their quality of life and confidence.


Standard vs High Definition

Use the slider for comparison

Titanium Bar milled from your design, or have Alien Milling design your next bar. 

We Offer the following designs 

  • New! Alien iBar Design
  • Ellipse
  • Rectangle
  • Dolder
  • Hader
  • Thimble

We only mill Bars with Multi-Unit (Non-Engaging) platforms. 


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Kalman L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Implant Bar

Excellent…as usual!

United States United States

Alien milled Ti bar

Bar did not fit multiunits well

Chris W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Implant bar

Always predictable results

Jonathan B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fast shipping, milled out great!

I've had Alien mill 4 of my Blender Ibars at this point, they fit the zirconia wraps (I mill these in house) and they fit great with very minor adjustments. Shipping is insanely fast, I sent in my orders and received them (with free shipping mind you) next day.

Angel D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Hader TI Bar with Bredent ball attachmens

The staff was first class. The bar was not bad. i had to do some finishing on the hader porthion and the ball attachmets. But at the end it all looked good. Verry happy with the customer service!!!!!!!

Alien Milling Technologies Alien Implant Titanium Bar ReviewAlien Milling Technologies Alien Implant Titanium Bar ReviewAlien Milling Technologies Alien Implant Titanium Bar ReviewAlien Milling Technologies Alien Implant Titanium Bar Review

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Ask a Question
  • I'm trying to send a titanium bar for Hader attachements on 4 MUA RP implants. In order to bar has MUA interface integrated, should I include MUA ti-base merged in STL file? Also Is Keyhole profile in the exocad a correct type for Hader attachement? Thank you!

    Hi Richard, 

    You will not need to merge the Ti-Bases on to the bar. 
    Please call us to speak to one of our Bar Milling Specialists at 844-ZIRCONIA (844-947-2664)

    Thank you

  • what is the difference between standard and high definition finishing

    Please Scroll down to the Description area, and you will see a sliding simulator.

  • For the Alien 8-Ultimate full arch restoration, can I send an STL of our design for you to mill?

    No it will need to be designed by Alien milling. 
    If you would like to order the sub and supra structure structure, you may do so individually. 
    You will need to order the implant bar, and implant crowns

  • i need a thimble bridge, but need to send you the denture and model...can this be accepted

    Yes that will be the Alien 8 - Ultimate Full Arch Restoration 

  • do you mill bars with angulated screw channels?

    As of 12/10/21 we do not mill bars with angulated screw channels. 
    Please subscribe to our newsletter, to see when it becomes available. 
    Thank you

  • do you send screws with the ti bar or no? Looking to send MUA and SRA bars

    We do not include the screws with Titanium Bars.

  • Can this be annodized?

    Your wish is our command. 
    Please see the new updated prescription.

  • Hello I want to submit an ExoCad files. What files do you all need to accept this case?

    We just need the STL File.

  • Hi, I dont have a scanner so where can I send models for you to design and mill titanium bar? Please send info and lab scripts to my email

    Hi There, 

    We offer design serivces for bars from your model work.
    Please see our address at the bottom of any page.

  • Price for 4 implant titanium bar?

    The price does not change, regardless of the number of implant interfaces.

  • Where this place in the 🇺🇸

    We are located at 
    614 S. Glendora Ave.
    Glendora CA 91740

  • What kind of designs can you mill? I understand you can only mill to multi unit interface. But can you mill a bar designed for hader clips? What about for locator? other retentive elements you can mill for.

    Hi There, 

    We can Mill your bar with MUA interfaces designed. 
    You can design it with a Hader bar attachement but we do not provide the attachment. We will mill witht he cylinder. 
    As of 1/29/2020 we do not mill threaded bars for locators. 

    Thank you

  • are these prices for bars per implant? or flat rate for the milled design

    Flat Rate

  • Can you mill bars from .stl file that I designed? I use the tru abutment scan bodies and design the bar with exocad. Can I send the construction file and the .stl file for you to mill?

    Yes we can. 
    The contruction file will help us. 
    Please send that too. 

    You can zip both files into one archive, and upload that.

  • Can you mill any kind of attachments like a locator attachment or the screw in part so you can add loctors to the bar yourself?

    No it needs to have a Multi-Unit abutments base

  • how long does it take?

    We need 3-5 days to mill Titanium Bars

  • do the bars require multi unit Ti bases to be cemented in

    No the Implant Bars engage directly on the Multi-Unit Abutments

  • Do the bars support tap holes for locators and is the cost per implant or is it a $399 flat fee per bar?

    If your design includes tap holes, we can mill it. 
    The cost of flat fee per bar, regardless of the number of implants. 

  • if a connector bar case has 4 screws would I be charged for 3 connector bars in-between the 4 screws?

    No you will be charged for 1 bar regardless of the number of implants it is supported on.

  • can you place locator attachments on the titanium bar?

    No we only mill bars with female MUA Interfaces at this time.

  • I need upper and lower titanium bar milled for snap on dentures over 3 implants. Need cost and turn around time. Do you accept Neodent and scan abutments which will give us stl files? Need more details? TY

    Please give us a call at 844-947-2664
    There are many variables, and our online prescription is the best way to price out a case. 
    The turnaround times can be found here. 

    The Scan bodies, need to be Dess Scan Bodies, for neodent. 

    Thank you

  • Will you need a mounted case to fabricate a titanium bar for AO4 with wrap-around acrylic?

    Yes we prefer a mounted case so we can design properly.

  • What type of bar should I select in the order for an AO6 with wrap around acrylic?

    Hader bar will be good