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Alien iBar HT

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Introducing the Alien iBar HT by Alien Milling, the innovative full arch hybrid zirconia restoration that will revolutionize your restorative dentistry options. The Alien iBar HT is a state-of-the-art implant-supported prosthesis that offers unmatched durability and strength, thanks to its titanium bar reinforcement.

Crafted with the latest CAD/CAM technology and using only the finest zirconia materials, the Alien iBar HT delivers exceptional esthetics, unparalleled function, and exceptional resistance to chipping and wear. It provides maximum support for a full arch restoration while offering a natural-looking smile that patients will love.

The Alien iBar HT is engineered to provide superior stability and support, ensuring that the prosthetic stays securely in place for years to come. This makes it a perfect solution for patients who are looking for a long-lasting, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing smile. 

Whether you're looking to provide your patients with a durable, long-lasting implant-supported prosthesis or looking for a high-quality solution to your restorative dentistry needs, the Alien iBar HT by Alien Milling is the perfect choice. Experience the future of restorative dentistry today!

Alien Full Arch Hybrid implant Bridge with option of Gingiva Staining. This product is milled from Alien HT Zirconia, rated 1,200 mpa. It is capable of restoring cases up to 16 units.

Bar Design Extraction

Alien Milling is dedicated to providing cutting-edge dental solutions that make restorative dentistry easier and more efficient. One of the ways we achieve this is through the advanced CAD/CAM technology by B4D , which allows us to extract the bar design from the full arch STL with incredible accuracy.

To achieve this 

  • Select Upload STL
  • Choose Upload Full Arch STL only 


Our highly skilled team of technicians utilizes the latest software to generate a 3D model of the substructure, which serves as the basis for creating the titanium bar reinforcement for the Alien iBar HT. By using this advanced technology, we are able to extract the exact bar design needed for each patient's unique case.

Our technicians carefully review and analyze the 3D model to ensure that the bar design is precisely tailored to the patient's specific anatomy and treatment needs. This allows us to create a highly customized prosthesis that fits the patient's mouth perfectly and delivers optimal support and stability.


 Alien iBar Featured on the cover of IDT magazine 

alien ibar on IDT magazine

The Alien iBar's technology is being recognized for its impressive design and functionality, and is being featured on the cover of IDT Magazine. This recognition is a testament to the device's cutting-edge engineering and its potential to enhance the field of dental implantology. By utilizing a titanium substructure, the Alien iBar offers patients a secure and long-lasting solution for their dental needs.

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Chris W.
United States
I recommend this product

I Bar

Ti-bar fits beautifully within the sintered zirconia.

Gurs S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Better than expected

I was looking for someone to make my full arch bridges once I do the design, and I got back a really good looking bridge, I am fitting it tomorrow, so hopefully the fit will be perfect!

Rush D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great job

Every step was verified. The final product was beautiful and dropped right in thanks for the good work. I would recommend it to anyone.

Geoffrey A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Marvelous prosthetic

Excellent work. Communication was timely. Very happy with the work done. Pt was happy with how it looks. I delivered it and had to make only one tiny adjustment on her bite.

Samantha P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

IBar and Zirconia superstructure

Great! Thank you so much!!!!

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Ask a Question
  • I want to ask Is it possible that you just make the bar? How much does it cost? We will complete the stages of work

    Yes we can make just the bar.
    Please choose "Alien iBar" for Type of design, if you want us to design it.

    We can send the STL of the full arch with this option.

    If you designed the bar, click on upload STL.

  • I have an Ibar that our doctor just tried in. We went off of the provisional design which everything was excellent. Unfortunately, the patient has had tissue resorption, and the titanium is not as well adapted as the doctor would like. is there any form of assistance cost wise, if we use the same design and readapt to the tissue on the intaglio? How would you normally handle a case like this?

    We can offer 50% off of the Alien iBar. 
    This discount can not be extended to any design, or finishing fees. 

    Please call us at 844-947-2664 with the original order number so we can issue a one time promo code.

  • Doe s this service include Design, and fabrication of the bar and the Zirconia Pros??? For 950?

    No, the base price does not include design.
    When you select "Ship Models" or "Intra-Oral Scanner," etc., the design price will be displayed at the bottom of the prescription as "Extra Features."

  • I have a case of a patient with an existing hybrid prosthetic. Can extract the bar and create a new prosthetic if I scan this existing prosthetic and send you the STL?

    We will still need a scan body scan to replace the implant geometries properly. 
    But yes, we can extract the bar, from the same "Wax up" if you will. 

    Call us for an in-depth case consultation: 844-ZIRCONIA

    Thank you

  • We have cases with a limited veritcal restorative space. What is the minimum requirement from tissue to occlusal plane for thickness of this prosthetic?

    12mm is ideally the lowest.

  • What's the cost for bar extraction and milling, with the stl for the zirconia arch to the lab for fabrication there?

    We charge $120 for bar extraction from your Full Arch STL File.

  • Hi, longtime follower. Does the price include the zirconia or is it just for the i-bar. Love the concept. If it is just the bar do you provide a "core" file/STL so we can marry our design to it and mill the zirconia in house.

    The price is for both the Zirconia and "iBar" 
    Now the price does not include design fees, and even if you have designed it, it does not include the "Bar Extraction" fee from your Full Arch STL. If you have designed your full arch, and split the file into a "Full Arch" stl supported over a "iBar" stl then the price you see is the price.

    Finishing services extra.