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BEGO™ Cr-Co Full Crown

25,200.00 AMD

BEGO™ Cr-Co Full Crown is Milled from a BEGO M-Co Chromium Cobalt Disc, not casted. Milling Chromium Cobalt ensures precision fits every time, and avoids the common errors produced in the investing and casting procedure. BEGO™ Cr-Co Full Crown  arrive semi-polished.

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  • Do you charge for shipping? I would be sending impression for crown

    Yes We do. 
    Please refer to our shipping page.

  • Saro, With 3 shape Trios, do i just send you the scan via communicate? Then, i pay for the units online? Then you will match the file with the payment. Complete order and send crowns to me?

    That is correct 

  • how can I send the work to your lab

    Please watch this short video on how we operate.

  • for implant cases for screw retained crowns, can we scan the scan body and you make the crowns with abutment?

    We do not manufacturer or order abutments. 

  • I want to download a case #6 to 11 single units how do i do it

    if they are seperate STL Files, You will need to fill multiple prescriptions to upload each stl indivdually.

    If it is a single file STL, you will need to fill only one prescription, and adjust the number of units to "6". Same applies for models, impressions, and digital impressions. 

  • whats the mpa?

    1250 MPa

  • How does this work?

    The use of this website is for Dental professionals, Please see our How to page on How it works.

  • Can you please send or email lab slips with one of our cases?

    All Lab Slips are transmitted digitally via our website. 

  • Does this product contain Nickel?

    It may contain less than 0.1% Nickel.  Here is the composition from the Manufacturer of the alloy.  Co(61.0) Cr(25.0) Mo(6.0) W(5.0) Mn(<1.0) Si(<1.0)  Fe(<1.0)

  • I have a posterior crown with minimal clearance. The pt cannot afford gold. Do you reccommend the Cr-Co vs. titanium?

    Titanium will be a great choice.