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Alien Extreme Implant Full Arch Hybrid Zirconia

412,900.00 AMD

Alien Extreme Full Arch Hybrid implant Bridge with option of Gingiva Staining. This product is milled from Alien Extreme Zirconia, rated 1,000 mpa. It is capable of restoring cases up to 14 units.

Alien Extreme on the Front Cover of LMT!

Alien CEO, Saro Hatzakortzian, holding the latest copy of the LMT Magazine, featuring the Alien Extreme on the front cover. In his other, he is hodling the most advanced zirconia known to mankind. 

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Now Available in Green State 

Order your Full Arch Hybrid in the Green State for further characterization in lab. 

You must have a Sintering Furnace with a High Temp of1540 degrees Celcius.  

Please refer to our Sintering Parameters


GC Luster Paste Firing Parameters (Pink Gingiva) 

Gingival Shades
 GC Luster Paste














Wash Firing Instructions 

Step  Value
Entry Temp 400º C
Dry Time 8 Minutes
Rate of Climb  35º C
High Temp 840º C
Hold  1 Minute
Vacuum On  450º C
Vacuum Off 839º C
Exit Cool Time 25 Minutes


Stain Firing Instructions 

Step  Value
Entry Temp 400º C
Dry Time 6 Minutes
Rate of Climb  35º C
High Temp 820º C
Hold  1 Minute
Vacuum On  None
Vacuum Off None
Exit Cool Time 25 Minutes



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Tylor B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Upper was okay lower was awful

Upper was okay but the Interproximal areas weren’t adjusted in green stage before sinter. There was left over Zr dust in the teeth I’m having to clean out. The lower arch was very very bad. I have a lab and sent it to you because It was too big for the discs I have and I can’t believe it passed quality control. Wow was my response when I saw it didn’t complete the roughing or smoothing stage of the milling and wasn’t caught when it was in the green stage, then sintered, then made it past “quality control” definitely won’t be recommending to other labs if they’re in a pinch because it may come back as good as a paper weight.

Jeff L.
United States United States

Looks so natural

No adjustments needed, perfect cosmetics

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Ask a Question
  • Can you tell me how the process works when sending you a case? Do you also stain and glaze or just mill? Thank you


    It's up to you. 
    You will need to select "Sintered" first, under the "Sintering" menu for the Glaze option to show. 

    Then you may select "Stain and Glazed" Under the Finishing option to have us glaze it. 

    Lastly, the Pink Gingival Color option will be available.

  • can I order an upper and a lower arch at the same time?

    Yes, If you are uploading STL Files, you will need to compress them into one .Zip File.

  • I have a patient with a a conversion hybrid that looks good and bites well. I have a Medit i700 and Medit t710. If I have i/o scans of : 1. the conversion in place, 2. the opposing 3. the bite 4. the tissue with MUA scan bodies (i typically use TruAbutment scan bodies) as well as a 5. benchtop scan of the conversion denture with reverse scan bodies in place 1. Can you design the final prosthesis for Rosen or Sim screw retention? 2. Do you need any additional information? 3. Can you make design changes, either small or great? 4. What is the design fee? 5. Do I need any particular reverse scan body?

    Hi There, 

    We do not offer Rosen Screw Designs since it is not validated on 3Shape yet. 
    You will need to find a design firm that can design Rosen Screw. 
    We can mill the Rosen Screw. 

    Thank you

  • Hi! If we Itero scan the MUA scan bodies, how do you verify the accuracy? 1) just go with it 2) send back a verification jig 3) a technique I dont know about yet :)

    The RX provides an option to order a verification jig. 
    If selected, we will mill a verification jig.

  • I've never used Alien before, but have heard good things. I have a 6 implant upper hybrid that I want to have Alien make an "extreme zirconia" restoration. The patient it currently in a temporary hybrid that has very good esthetics - so the design of the new hybrid should be relatively simple in terms of tooth position. My questions are: 1) What records does Alien need to be able to produce this final hybrid bridge? I currently have a verified stone master model mounted against the opposing at the right vertical, a cross-mounted stone duplicate of the patient's temp bridge, an Itero scan of the temp bridge/bite/opposing, and itero scan of the edentulous maxilla showing MUAs and tissue. Is this enough info for you guys to do that case? 2) Are you simply a milling center - or will you tweak the design of the final so that's it's more slender than the temp bridge with better anatomy, etc? Thanks! David

    Hi David, 

    Thanks for reaching out. 
    We can proceed with this case in traditional or digital format. 

    In Traditional format, 
    You would select "Ship Models" on the prescription. 
    Ship us your upper, lower, and "pre-op" of the temps 
    We will duplicate the temps, with the additional design notes, specified in the Specific Instructions. 

    In Digital Format 
    You would select Intra-Oral Scanner from the RX 
    Select Itero as your IO portal. 
    Your implant jaw will need MUA Scan bodies (We can not design on top of MUAs directly)
    Ensure you have a scan of the Upper, Lower, Pre-op (Temps) all in alignment on Itero. (The is very important)
    We will duplicate the temps, with the additional design notes, specified in the Specific Instructions. 

    Hope this was helpful.

    Thank you