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Drop Shipping Registration

Drop Shipping

Shipped direct to your clients

Save Time and money by having Alien Milling ship your restorations directly to your clients. 



Remove Alien Branding

We will remove Alien Branding from your packages. 


Your Logo on the Packing Slip

Upload your logo on the registration form below, and we will print it on your packing slips.  


Shipped from your location

The shipping labels will state your company address as the "Ship From" location. 




Online Work-flow

Take advantage of our logistics, and focus on growing your business. Save on shipping by having cases shipped directly to your clients vs back to your lab, then to your client.  Utilize the website to place, track, and monitor your orders 24/7.

Quality & Speed

Same Account

Made in USA

You're clients will get the same quality you have been accustomed to. Most cases are shipped the next business day. 

You can continue to use your same account.

Simply fill out the form below, and upload your company logo.

After approval, the only difference will be changing the "Ship to" address for your orders. 

We would make it on Mars but Elon hasn't deployed the transit system yet. We'll keep making them in California for now. 

Oh, did we mention it's free